Regulation 2021

І. General provisions

1.1. The International Festival of Young Performers of Modern Ukrainian Song “Moloda Halychyna” takes place annually in the town of Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, which is an original artistic region where unique singing traditions, arts and crafts, pysanka (Easter egg) painting and vine netting, original embroidery and weaving have been preserved from time immemorial. Therefore, while establishing the festival “Moloda Halychyna” in the year 1992, its organizers set the aim to enrich and preserve glorious artistic traditions and achievements of our region as well as to popularize contemporary Ukrainian art of singing in other countries of the world.
1.2. Yavoriv District State Administration, Yavoriv District Council and Public Organization “Festival “Moloda Halychyna” are the founders and organizers of the festival “Moloda Halychyna”. Administration of Culture of Lviv Region State Administration, Administration on Family and Youth Matters of Lviv Region State Administration, Novoyavorivsk Town Council, Culture Centre “Krystal” in the town of Novoyavorivsk act as the co-organizers of the festival.
The festival is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

ІІ. The tasks of the festival

2.1. The main tasks of the festival are as follows:
• to find and support talented young performers;
• to popularize modern Ukrainian song among children and youth of the world;
• to popularize and introduce new forms of musical variety art;
• to mutually enrich cultural traditions of the peoples of the world;
• to improve and develop Ukrainian vocal art and the Ukrainian language;
• to aesthetically and spiritually develop the young generation;
• to develop and strengthen friendship and peace between the countries by means of creative communication;
• to strengthen cultural contacts of the Ukrainians of diaspora with their small native land;
• to expand cultural, informational and business contracts between states;
• to involve patrons and sponsors in supporting creative youth;
• to exchange the experience of creative activity of composers, producers, poets and young performers of Ukraine with artists from other countries of the world.

ІІІ. The procedure of festival holding

3.1. The festival is held in the Culture Centre “Krystal” in the town of Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, annually from July 7 to July 12.
3.2. Preparatory work in organization and holding of the festival is done by the Organizing Committee of the festival which is appointed by order of head of Yavoriv District State Administration and the Directorate of the festival.
3.3. Composers and poets, producers, Ukrainian variety stars, professional and amateur artistic groups from various countries of the world, organizers of festivals for children and youth in Ukraine and abroad are welcome to participate in the festival.
3.4. The following is held within the framework of the festival:
• international competition of young performers;
• competition of modern Ukrainian rock music;
• master-class of professional vocalists and performers;
• creative meetings with composers, producers, poets-song-writers;
• concerts of professional and amateur groups, Ukrainian and foreign variety stars;
• meetings for participants and guests of the festival;
• entertaining show-competition “Miss” and “Mini-miss “Moloda Halychyna”;
• sightseeing tours of Lviv region;
• creative meeting “Our guests” (meeting with organizers of festivals for children and youth);

ІV The terms of holding competition program for young performers

4.1. Within the festival there takes place an international vocal competition in which there participate solo performers and vocal duets, trios, quartets, small vocal forms.
4.2. Performances by the participants of the competition are assessed by the jury which includes the leading specialists-figures of culture and art of Ukraine, composers, producers as well as foreign specialists from the countries participating in the festival.
4.3. An agreement which sets artistic, personal and another issues is concluded with members of the jury from abroad at least 6 months before the festival. The composition of the competition’s jury is approved by the Organizing Committee of the festival.
4.4. The criteria according to which performances of the festival’s participants are assessed are as follows: voice handling, acting skills, performer’s (performers’) repertoire, quality of phonogram, aesthetics of stage clothes. The jury selects winners in accordance with the number of points received. In the course of voting the head of the jury is entitled to have two votes. Decision of the jury is a final one and is not subject to being reconsidered.

Requirements to pieces of art for the competition

4.5. Performers allowed to participate in the competition program must prepare two or three songs with instrumental phonograms (-1). Participants from Ukraine perform all the songs in Ukrainian. Participants from other countries perform one song in the state language of the country they represent, and the others – in Ukrainian, or the songs by Ukrainian authors in translation into their native language. All the pieces are performed live being accompanied by instrumental phonograms.
4.6. Style of pieces performance:
• pop music;
• folk song in original arrangement (а сареllа allowed);
• folk pop music;
• jazz;
• blues;
• rock’n’roll.
4.7. The order of performances in the competition is set by means of lot casting.
4.8 The organizers of the festival do not bear any responsibility for following the copyright for the pieces of art involved in the competition by the participants of the competition program.
4.9. The Directorate of the festival reserves the right to use the photo and video materials submitted by the participants for the sake of popularizing the festival, for presentations, TV and radio programs, making printed output, etc.

Terms of participation in the competition

4.8. Solo performers and vocal duets, trios, quartets, small vocal forms aged 10-25 are invited to participate in the competition.
4.9. Everybody who wants to participate in the competition shall send the following documents to the address of the festival:
• questionnaire-application (arbitrary form),
• colour photograph,
• copy of birth certificate or passport,
• CD with phonograms of two or three songs (+ 1).
4.10. Preliminary selection of performers is made by the artistic board by means of audition of the submitted CDs with recordings of songs (+1).
4.11. Competition performances are held in four age groups:
• Group А – aged 10 to 12 (25 participants);
• Group B – aged 13 to 15 (25 participants);
• Group C – aged 16 to 19 (25 participants);
• Group D – aged 20 to 25 (25 participants).
4.12 After listening to the phonograms received, the Directorate sends official invitations for participation in the festival and the program of competition performances and festival events to participants.
4.13. The submitted phonograms and documents are not reviewed and are not sent back.
4.14. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted:
• for participants from Ukraine: from April 1 to June 15.
• for foreign participants: from April 10 to June 10
4.15. Competition participants from abroad shall provide translation of the documents sent into Ukrainian or Russian.

4.16. Competition program of the festival takes place in three rounds:

• QUARTERFINAL – a song in the language of the country the participant represents;
• SEMIFINAL – a Ukrainian hit song;
• FINAL – a Ukrainian song; (in the final all the participants of group А and foreign performers of all age groups are entitled to repeat the song from the semifinal. Performers of groups В, С, D who represent Ukraine are not allowed to repeat the song from the semifinal).

All the stages of the competition program are held on separate days.

4.17. During the competition program it is forbidden to use phonograms (-1) with doubled vocal unison, and the number of accompanying vocal parts in the chord layout shall not exceed two voices (three voices together with the main one).
Phonogram carriers – mini-discs, CDs;
4.18. Each participant can arrive to the festival with one accompanying adult. And one should have birth certificate or passport, phonograms of songs (-1) and (+1) with him/her.
4.19. The accompanying person is completely responsible for safety, life and health of the festival’s participant.
4.20. The costs incurred by board, accommodation, arrival and departure of participants and accompanying people are paid at the expense of the sending party.
4.21. The Organizing Committee undertakes to arrange provision of board and accommodation for participants.
4.22. The participants and guests shall be taken to places of their residence by special transport.

Terms of participation in entertaining show-competition
“Miss” and “Mini-Mis “Moloda Halychyna”

5.1. The show-competition “Miss” and “Mini-Miss “Moloda Halychyna” is held as an entertainment event for the festival’s participants in which finalists of all age categories of the competition program can take part.
5.2. All the girls who express their wish to participate in the competition must submit a preliminary application for the participation to the headquarters of the festival.
5.3. List of competitions:
• Defile in national costumes;
• “Visiting card”;
• “Advertisement of my city”;
• Dance;
• “Me – an unsurpassable personality”.
5.4. The order of performance in the competition is set by means of lot casting.
5.5. Participation in the competition is free-of-charge.
5.6. Performances of participants of the competition are assessed by the jury which includes male participants of the festival, regardless of their age.
5.7. The jury selects two winners of the competition – “Miss “Moloda Halychyna” and “Mini-Miss “Moloda Halychyna”.

VІ. Awards for the participants of the competition for young performers

6.1. The Organizing Committee of the festival has set the following awards for winners:
• Grand Prix of the festival;
• Ist prize laureate (in each age group);
• IInd prize laureate (in each age group);
• 3rd prize laureate (in each age group);
• Holder of the festival’s diploma (7 in each age group);
• Special prizes – in different nominations (at least 8 nominations);
• Audience choice award;

6.2. The winners are awarded exclusive statuettes and given awards with images of festival symbols, diplomas and valuable gifts from organizers, patrons and sponsors.
6.3. On the basis of jury’s decision titles of laureates can be doubled (depending on the level of performance skills of the competition participants).
6.4. Following the results of the show-competition “Mini-miss” and “Miss “Moloda Halychyna” the winners are awarded special crowns and valuable gifts.
6.5. The Organizing Committee of the festival organizes concerts with the participation of laureates of festivals and holders of the festival’s diplomas which will take place during August – December of the current year in different cities of Ukraine and abroad as well as recommend the participants for taking part in music TV projects, prestigious Ukrainian and foreign festivals.


ІІ. The terms of holding Ukrainian rock music competition

7.1. This is the competition uniting all the styles and directions of modern Ukrainian rock music.
Bands of youth and adults representing traditional culture of the regions of Ukraine as well as other groups selected by the Directorate and the Organizing Committee of the festival can participate in the festival. The age of the participant is under 27.
7.2. All the groups wishing to participate in the festival must undergo a selection round (on the basis of demo records). Only after that the group is allowed to participate in the festival.
7.3. The main condition for participation in the festival “Moloda Halychyna” is performance of Ukrainian rock compositions in all its directions and styles.
7.4. Accommodation and board – at their own expense.
7.5. Each group shall prepare for the participation in the festival a 15-minute concert program it including no more than 5 songs.
7.6. Performers from other regions of Ukraine and other countries of the world are allowed to participate in the competition of the festival, if they have undergone preliminary selection and agreed upon their relations with the Directorate as to further cooperation and rights to audio- and video materials from the festival, them having in their repertoire at least 7 (seven) pieces of art in Ukrainian. Official invitation constitutes the document entitling to participate in the festival.
7.7. The winners of the competition are selected by the competent jury of the festival.
7.8. The criteria of competition performances assessment are as follows:
• Professional performance level;
• Orchestration;
• The skill of working with the public.
7.9. It is forbidden for the participants of the festival to use phonograms. Only “live” performance is allowed in the competition.
7.10. The organizers have got an exclusive right to select the participants of the festival in terms of their number, professional level, regional and genre adherence as well as to determine the order (day, time) of their performances.
7.11. Laureates and diploma holders are awarded diplomas, festival statuettes, valuable gifts provided by sponsors and donors of the festival.
7.12. Performance of the guests of the festival (beyond competition) is separately agreed upon by the organizers.
7.13. Applications are accepted from April 1 to June 15.
To submit the application one needs to undergo registration in the official site of the festival where the participant’s application is filled out.
The results of the selection are announced after the expiry of the period of application acceptance. The information will be available in the official web-site of the festival and in social networks.


ІІІ. Board and accommodation

8.1 The Organizing Committee of the festival offers the participants and accompanying persons accommodation in the hotels of the town of Novoyavorivsk.

8.2. Catering in the restaurants and cafes of the town of Novoyavorivsk can be arranged by them independently at affordable prices. One can use set menu lunches and dinners in the café of the Culture Centre “Krystal” at special prices.

8.3. Reservation of hotels and catering institutions for participants and guests of the festival is made by the Organizing Committee.

8.4. All the issues relating to accommodation and board are settled and coordinated during registration by the responsible person from the headquarters of the festival.

ІХ. Financial terms

9.1. The funding for the festival is secured:
• out of the funds allocated in the state and local budgets for the year in question;
• out of sponsor, charity and other income supplies not prohibited by the current legislation.


Address of the festival:

PC «Crystal»,

International Festival “Young Galicia”,

  1. Shevchenko, 1,


The Lviv region.




tel fax +38 (03256) 41153


Internet address: